Words have meaning

I completed my yoga TT almost 3 years ago, and I’ve been teaching for just over 2 years. Last night during class, I was theming on how yoga can provide an hour away from life. Whether that’s the good, the bad, or the neutral.  I had my second unexpected crown in the last 6 weeks that morning, and my mouth and my spirits (and my wallet) were not feeling so hot. I was currently sick. And was pulling some extra hours at work to make up for my unexpected dentist trip. So I shared. I shared how when I stepped into the studio, my mood changed. I left my crappy day outside and I had an entire hour of teaching class to be present in a new space.  An away space. It’s amazing how much overlap there is being a student and being a teacher.

But as I try to speak and share with my classes, I find time and time again I underestimate my students. I judge them, if you will. I think they are only half listening to me. While in fact, based on our conversations after, they are fully present. They took my theme and applied it to them and their practice. 14 different souls all finding their own interpretation and embodiement of my words. They always listen. And it makes me time and time again appreciate the power of my voice and my words. To not underestimate them and myself.

I try to being an authenticity to my classes. I may not be the best teacher. I think I can put together a pretty good sequence and teach it fairly well. But I could theme a whole lot better and I struggle how to do that while allowing it to be real and not contrived. My playlists are complimented. And sometimes I lack confidence with names and assist and adjustments. Strengths.  And weaknesses. And places to learn and grow. But I try to do all of that with an authenticity to myself. And I think and I hope, that my students can resonate with that. That there are pieces of me that web themselves through my teaching. Whether that contributes to a strength or a weakness. I hope that at the end of the day, that is how I can connect and teach my students. And for me, not only is that me contributing to purely be me, but also trusting my words, and trusting that my students are there with me. Leaning and listening. And finding a piece of that moment to take as their own.



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