Oh Summer….you brought me mountains

Oh it’s been a few, but things have happened.  I went to the Outside Lands music festival/explored SF.  Ate good food and drank good beer.  Saw bands I knew and loved to pieces.  And found some new bands that I now have on repeat.  Danced in a park.  Explored the city and off the beaten path.  Had a glorious 6mi run through lands end.  Experienced Alcatraz.  Explored more of the Marin headlands.  And spent another weekend driving up and down the freeways of California.

Rafting some more on the American River – the middle fork was finally at a low enough flow to get on, thus completing my American river trifecta.  Had amazing surfs at Chili Bar hole.  Surfed a couple of new spots.  Had a fabulous run down chili bar and a relaxing afternoon by the water.  Enjoyed all the joy and wide eyed that comes with being on the river after high water/rains/floods.  Including a full rapid dump at the bottom of tunnel chute.  But it was the water – it was so clear!  I’ve never seen it so clear before.  Beautiful!

But….but.  I got to hike Mt. Whitney.  Not just hike.  Backpack.  3 beautiful days and 2 glorious nights on this magical mountain.  And a night at the portal.  With 2 other badass women.  There is a reason people talk about that place as being magical.  It’s absolutely stunning.  More to come, because I just lack the words to describe the awe inducing emotions that this place evokes.

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