Run with Joy

Sunday was the 2017 RnR SD half marathon.  I called it the coming out party for my hip that I injured back in fall.  It was one of those races where I wanted to capture each moment – but almost unsure if I should try to grip and hold onto the details of all these memories.  Or just slowly let the details fade away, and hold on to the emotions and the feelings – joy, pride, grateful, elation, freedom, strong, nerves, bliss, badass, inspired.

I went into running happy place right at the start, and stayed in it the entire race.  The sort of dream status for a race if you will, but usually there’s an ebb and flow with it.  Or I pop out around 8-10, and then that’s that.  But nope.  I had moments of doubt and nerves – I may enjoy the races, but I’m not immune to such feelings.  But quite often they do occur under a umbrella of joy.  And I think that idea is what confuses people who I talk to.  When I do these things – push yourself, find goals, train, etc.  A big part of the process is to feel uncomfortable.  To suffer.  To be uncertain.  To push through mental and physical barriers.  And the is not always there.  Or clear.  But.  The umbrella of it is there.  Sometimes it takes time or that perfect run or a step back to see it.

But 13.1 miles and my hip felt great.  It felt good to run a race again.  I love this race.  I feel as though sometimes it gets a lot of slack, but it has such a San Diego city feel to it.  And a big highlight was running into my friend at mile 11, and running the last 2 miles with her.  What are the chances?!  Last year I was cheering her on at mile 21 of the full, so this just felt full circle.  I love seeing the city come out to support.  Instead of being frustrated that their street is closed and there is early morning noise, I see people bringing their coffee and breakfast outside, to cheer, to support, to observe, to be a part of it all.  From a single person on the curb, to entire front yard parties.  To simple signs, to full on banners and costumes.  I love this city and I love events that bring out the best in people.  It really is true what they say – if you need to find some inspiration, just go watch a marathon.  All of the people….ALL of the people…will inspire.

The finish line was wonderful.  And there was a wonderful joy of being able to walk home, shower, and then walk back and enjoy the festivities.  And to watch Michael Franti and Spearhead sing.  I’ve love his music for a long while, and it was such a joy for me to be able to experience him live in such a close proximity, at the end of an event that already had me pumping.  His music is love and joy and passion and peace and fills my soul.  The good vibes were flowing, and the people were dancing.

It was a good day to run.  It was a good day to be.  2017 and beyond, I’ve still got some big running plans for you.




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